Ophelia by the Pond - Beautiful Oil on Canvas

Ophelia by the Pond - Beautiful Oil on Canvas
Ophelia by the Pond - Art Postcard
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  Artist - John William Waterhouse
  Store nameCorbis Images

  A beautiful, serene, sensual, and at the same time foreboding, painting featuring Ophelia, the tragic heroine of Hamlet, just before her death (by drowning), putting flowers in her hair as she sits on a tree branch extending out into a pond of lilies. There are some daisies on her lap, there is a solemn look on her face, and there is a distant feel to her, as if she is in her own world. In the background is the water lilies invested pond with dark, foreboding water. An oil on canvas by the English painter, John William Waterhouse, made in 1894 - the most famous of his paintings of Shakespeare's Ophelia.

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  A beautiful art postcard, makes a great mail to friends, family, art lovers, and those into Shakespearean plays, dramas, and English literature.

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